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              Taizhou howawa baby products Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000,the company is located in the beautiful East China Sea-Zhejiang.Taizhou, with the airport,port,coastal highway,railway,etc.Yongtaiwen unique traffic environment,land and sea has taken shape three-dimensional air traffic system.Companies accounted for an area of over 28,000 square meters,more than 300 employess,with advanced injection molding machines(160 g-4000 g) equipment,the use of the United States,japan,Korea,Taiwan and other countries and regions,PP,PE,ABS,PA and other importes raw materials products are exported to the United States,Japan,Korea,Australla,France,Germany and other countries and regions.


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            Howawa(U.S.A) Group Inc. All rights reserved Address:Xiayang'ao Industrial Zone, Yanjiang Town, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province 浙ICP備12035813號-1
            Tel:+86-576-85696338 Fax:+86-576-85692088 international trade:+86-576-89116591 15957614344 15988990192
            E-mail:sales@howawa.cc Official website:www.pamsproshop.com 全程策劃:巨杉文化傳媒